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The Whittier Union High School District's Measure AA has good intentions and would for the first time require a much needed audit and citizens advisory board review process which other measures passed in the past did not include.

However, Measure AA also raises taxes at the worst possible time. Everyone, including local property owners are facing a severe economic crunch and while an increase of 3 cents may not sound like much it adds up and can force some property owners to give up their properties which means people renting at those properties could end out on the street when the buyer takes over and decides he wants to do something different with the property. Just as most property owners can't afford this tax, those who are currently renting from them cannot afford to find new places to live. That is due entirely to the economic crises caused by COVID 19.

Property owners are only able to pay taxes because people rent from them. Currently most of Whittier is exempt from paying rent because of COVID 19. That in turn means that property owners cannot pay their current taxes let alone the new tax being proposed.

We are not going to say never to Measure AA but we are saying this is the wrong time for it. It will only add to the current dire economic situation in the area and push more families into poverty and homelessness. Let's not do that. Instead let us revisit this in a more normal year when the economy and the local community can better absorb the shock of a new tax.

Whittier 360 officially opposes Measure AA for this reason. We believe it will cause more harm than good.

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