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According to the historical record of what actually happened in 2020 and comparing it to Whittier 360's predictions for the year, Whittier 360 achieved an Annual Predictive Score of 86.8%.

The started off with the local Whittier City Council elections and a new pandemic emerging in China.

In January, Whittier 360 made 7 predictions for 2020. A star means it happened and an x means it did not happen. To save space, states will be lumped together unless there is an X next to them.

  1. Whittier 360 predicted that based on Trump's policies the COVID 19 pandemic would arrive in the US. This was based on Trump's failure to quarantine the passengers of a cruise ship he had rescued from being stranded off the coast of Korea/Japan. The passengers were quarantined for a week and allowed to leave. The health care workers who were around them during that time were not provided with protective equipment. *

  2. Whittier 360 predicted there would massive economic fall out from the pandemic. *

  3. Whittier 360 predicted there would be hoarding, resulting in empty shelves at supermarkets. *

  4. Whittier 360 predicted massive impact on US Presidential election from COVID 19. This was based on history. When things are going bad, the sitting president usually loses his bid for reelection and the party out of power tends to win seats in Congress. This happened for both Democrats and Republicans on November 3, 2020. *

  5. Based on known factors at the time, Whittier 360 predicted over 150 deaths in the Whittier Area from COVID 19. *

  6. Whittier 360 predicted that high hospitalizations and relatively high death rates would increase stress and negatively impact mental health of employees of local medical facilities. *

  7. During January, Whittier voters learned who was going to be running for Whittier City Council Districts 1 and 3 and who would challenge Joe Vinatieri for Mayor of Whittier. Whittier 360 predicted that Joe Vinatieri and Cathy Warner would both be reelected. The prediction was based on their incumbency. ** Counts as two predictions because two seperate races.

  8. Whittier 360 predicted that in District 1, Jessica Martinez would replace Josue Alvarado as District 1 representative. *

  9. While we are on the March election, Whittier 360 predicted that Martinez would get more votes than her Democratic opponents. The prediction was based on how divided the Democratic field was. *

January score: 9 out of 9= 100%


1. As George Floyd and BLM protests spread across the US, Whittier 360 predicted multiple protests in Whittier. *

2. Whittier 360 predicted all protests in Whittier would be peaceful with no significant incidents. *

3. Whittier 360 predicted conservative and business backlash against the protesters. * The protesters were accused of guilt by association of being rioters and criminals because of things happening in other parts of Southern California that people were seeing on TV.

June score: 3 out of 3= 100%

August to September:

1. Whittier 360 predicted the direction of all 50 states in the US Presidential election. The result was mixed. Whittier 360 called 44 states out of 50 correctly. The predictions that proved to be inaccurate were: Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. 44 *s and 6 Xs. Each state was a seperate prediction.

2. Whittier 360 predicted Trump would win the majority of states. X Trump and Biden won 24 states each with two states giving delegates to both Trump and Biden. The nation is literally split 50/50.

3. Based on the preceding predictions, Whittier 360 predicted Trump would win reelection. X Biden won the election.

4. Based on polling data, Whittier 360 predicted Jessica Martinez would win the local state assembly race. X Calderon won the Assembly election.

5. Whittier 360 predicted Linda Sanchez would win reelection due to incumbency. *

Predictive score for November 2020: 45 out of 54 or 83.33% Election Forecast Accuracy.

Total Annual Score: 59 out of 68 resulting in 86.8% prediction accuracy.

Cumulative Score of all Annual scores including prior years: 86.8%.

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