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Most of the Whittier Area is green at this time. No sign yet of the pending third surge. The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine has been officially approved for use in the US. It requires only one shot and protects all versions of the virus. It will prevent mild or soft cases of COVID but it will prevent serious cases and death.

In the meantime, a massive and still unjustified ethnic/racial disparity has appeared in vaccination data released by the County of Los Angeles this week. Most of the county's vaccinations are going to wealthy White people while working class Hispanics, who are the most disproportionately impacted, are finding a lot of roadblocks being placed in the way of those who seek to get the vaccine including one local who said she was given the run around. No one we reached out to responded to our questions about the disparity. At this so many officials quite about the issue you can hear a pin drop.

Whittier's COVID Data:

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