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This is a catch up entry due to everything that is moving so fast as far as the insurrection and states actually introducing bills into their legislatures to start the process of leaving the Union that is the US and the actions of a local councilmember. I will post top 5 for today's update.

What you should note from the data below is that the Whittier Area numbers are going back upward. This has been happening while everyone has been distracted with the illegal, seditious, treasonous coup attempt in Washington DC. But I do have to temper that latter statement by reminding everyone that the very constitution that those sacks of shit tried to overthrow dictates that we treat them as innocent until a legitimate court of law determines their guilt or innocence. If we don't do that then we become just as guilty of trying to overthrow the US Constitution as they are. I am concerned, and you should be also, that all this crap is going to cause the COVID death numbers and hospitalizations to break our healthcare system. I just hope that our health care workers don't break and don't give up on our communities.

We know of at least one person who participated in the anti Biden protest and who might be bringing the virus back to Whittier with her in what could potentially be an even more contagious or lethal form. So the most important thing we need to do right now as far as Jessica Martinez goes is to require her to home quarantine for the next 14 days after she has returned to Whittier otherwise she might be bringing back of worse version of the virus than we are already dealing with and we are concerned that it could break the Whittier Area healthcare system. Please contact the City Council and Jessica Martinez and tell them it is important for Councilmember to confine herself to her home for at least 14 days upon her return to Whittier. If she doesn't then in the name of public health, we might have to recall her for being irresponsible with people's lives. What she does or does not do in DC does not impact our community directly but her bringing back a worse form of the SARS COV 2 virus does directly impact all of us so this is important and please contact the mayor and city council to let them know you are concerned about this.

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