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New data indicates significant drop in COVID 19 caused deaths in the Whittier Area. There were only 2 deaths in the Whittier yesterday. One each in the City of Whittier and the City of Santa Fe Springs. That is a significant decline for the city which had seen its death rate increase to 4 per day over the last week. If it holds, it means the weekly death rate for Whittier will be lower than last week when it reached 14.

That is not the only thing that is down. The number of new cases per community in the Whittier Area is also on a significant downward trend. The Whittier Area consists of communities in both Los Angeles and Orange County. There is some data that is not provided by Orange County that has to be guesstimated based on the best available information. Orange County, however, updates its data on a daily basis while Los Angeles County tends to lag behind by a day but that is because LA County is publishing more specific information than Orange County is. Over all according to LA County's own records, COVID 19 cases and deaths continue to increase across the county outside of the Whittier Area which seems to be the only place where both new cases and deaths, as well as hospitalizations have begun to decline.

For example where as the City of Whittier was seeing 70 cases per day last week, on Sunday the city had only 28 new cases. We are also seeing the same trend in La Habra, South Whittier, West Whittier/Los Nietos. Even in Pico Rivera, still had more than 40 new cases yesterday saw a decline.

Those declines could be made more efficient if the communities that are included in the Whittier Area were to increase and tighten their coordination with regards to COVID 19.

The top 5 highest daily new cases by community for November 30 2020:

  1. City of Pico Rivera- 46 new cases

  2. South Whittier- 30 new cases

  3. City of Whittier - 28 new cases

  4. City of La Habra- 27 new cases

  5. Hacienda Heights- 23 new cases

Whittier Area- 218

The top 5 daily positivity rates:

  1. La Habra Heights: 67.65%

  2. Pellisier Village: 19.35%

  3. Avocado Heights: 19.34%

  4. Sunrise Village: 18.29%

  5. Whittier Narrows: 17.86%

Whittier Area- 13%

As you can see, most of the highest positivity rates are in unincorporated areas that are under direct LA County control. Even for the City of Whittier for the last week had both the highest number of daily cases and the highest daily death rate last week, still remained at a low end 13.68%.

The top 5 highest death ratios has begun to decline even in the City of Industry where for months it was stuck at 4%. Industry saw its first decline in the death ratio yesterday.

  1. City of Industry: 3.92%

  2. Rose Hills/Spyglass Region: 3.06%

  3. North Whittier: 2.97%

  4. City of La Habra: 2.5%

  5. City of Pico Rivera: 2.4%

The City of Whittier ranks number 7 for highest death rate in the Whittier Area.

The death rate for the Whittier Area was 1.79% yesterday, a drop from last week.

To emphasize the fact the numbers continue to decline in the Whittier while continuin to sky rocket across the county shows not only the superiority of an all voluntary mask and stay at home system but also goes to show the huge differences between Whittier and the rest of Whittier in terms of approaches to COVID 19 and community philosophical perspectives as to how best bring the pandemic under control. In Whittier we categorically reject the one size fits all approach which County officials are only to happy to force on everyone. The reason the county approach is not working is they are not recognizing or accepting the differences between communities. In fact national experts had already predicted the county's approach would not work in all communities and that communities should allowed greater autonomy and leeway on the matter. In the past the County had banned religion. In the aftermath of the latest US Supreme Court ruling, the county had to delay issuing its new restrictions in order to eliminate the ban on religion.

This week's COVID 19 forecast appears to indicate continuing declines in COVID 19 numbers across the Whittier Area. Now we just have to wait and see how accurate that forecast is since it has not been done before.

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