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New data indicates COVID 19 infections in the Whittier Area continued to drop for the second day this weekend.

The data trend graph shows daily new infections either stabilizing or dropping in Whittier Area Communities, though the numbers remain rather high. They are still above 100 for Whittier, Pico Rivera, and La Habra which was the only Whittier Area Community to see an increase in new SARS COV 2 infections.

This is the only local update to the COVID 19 news. Nationally, President Trump was able to negotiate a lunch meal tax break which Democrats have scoffed at derided, saying, "Americans need to pay more taxes not less." The intent of the tax break is to help struggling restaurant owners. Democratic liberal opponents said it was a give away of tax money to wealthy White business owners. The fact is that the vast majority of restaurants in the US today are owned by non Whites. The other fact to bear in mind is that it seems to be lost on opponents of the tax break that whether a restaurant does well or not is not dependent on whether the owners are viewed as or identify as White or some other grouping. It depends 100% on hard they are willing to work to make their customers happy. And for anyone to say it is dependent on race is a real slap in the face to those who work at such establishments.

However the deal does not go far enough and so far only covers business lunches for heads of multinational corporations whose employees have zero loyalty to the US or to the US Constitution. It would work better if the tax break was instead given to every day Americans to encourage them to dine out more as low income and middle income Americans have a larger impact on the success of restaurants than wealthy corporate executives. Democrats signed on to the tax break in exchange for an expansion of freebies for the poor.

The proposal allows business executives to deduct the full prices of restaurant meals from their corporate taxes. It would have a better impact if it applied to all of a business's employees rather than just the already wealthy executives.

Restaurants have been among the businesses most negatively impacted by the shut downs caused by COVID 19.

The top 5 daily infection numbers for Sunday December 20th.

  1. City of Whittier 128 new infections with a positivity ratio of 18.25%

  2. City of La Habra 120 new infections with a positivity ratio of 10.6%*

  3. Pico Rivera 113 new infections with a positivity ratio of 22.29%

  4. South Whittier 79 new infections with a positivity ratio of 21.39%

  5. Hacienda Heights 68 new infections with a positivity ratio of 15.66%

* The positivity ratio for La Habra is distorted because Orange County does not break down testing numbers by community as Los Angeles County does but instead tracks the number of children in the county who are getting COVID 19 by age group which is something that LA County does not do. Each system of reporting has strengths and weaknesses.

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