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Whittier Area SARS COV 2 infections rebounded today after dropping to their lowest point since the current surge began.

The top 5 new infections by community:

  1. City of Whittier- 108 new infections

  2. South Whittier - 95 new infections

  3. Pico Rivera- 80 new infections

  4. La Habra- 72 new infections

  5. West Whittier- 47 new infections

The Whittier Area had a total of 560 new infections on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 but only 5 deaths. Pico Rivera had 2 deaths caused by COVID 19 while the City of Whittier, West Whittier/Los Nietos, and La Mirada each had one COVID death.

That is all for now. A relative of someone at the place where I work has contracted COVID 19. That individual has taken the test and our client is waiting to hear about the result. What we've learned this year is that tests can sometimes give false positives and false negatives. In the event we find that individual was positive, the next step will be to contact my employer and inform them I am not comfortable returning to work, at least not that site and since I worked with that person who is taking the test, not for a few days. Call it precaution if you want but if find out that someone at work is infected, I will not be leaving my abode if you understand what I mean, for a few days if you understand what I mean. But I shall not say anything definite until I find out for sure. There are few things on the line here, such as the anti communism rally which will be suspended and moved to a future date out of an abundance of caution. But that decision will be made and bridge will be crossed when we get to it. I have nothing more to say about that at this time until I find out more.

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