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Covid 19 numbers in the Whittier Area remain relatively flat as more states across the Union lift their mask mandates and even local residents begin leaving their masks at home in a game of Russian Roulette.

The California Grill on Painter was cited last month for violating the County's COVID 19 lockdown in what the county claims was serious violation of lock down orders. The county did not say what exactly the California Grill nor any of the other restaurants in Whittier that also received citations for what the county said were serious violations of COVID lockdown orders. It is alleged they even tried to cite a man for walking down the street without a mask in what would clearly be an unconstitutional abuse of their authority.

In the meantime the number of states that are abolishing the mask mandate has increased to 18 yesterday as Utah announced it too was lifting its statewide mask mandate. Utah Governor Cox said that the state's mask mandate will end on April 10 this year after the state's legislature passed a law lifting the ban. The new law, HB294 requires public health officials to get permission from locally elected county boards or city councils before they can impose and enforce mask mandates. Other lockdown mandates will also require approval from elected boards and commissions. The majority of Utahans are nonHispanic Whites who make up 80% of the state's population. The next highest group at 14% are Hispanic immigrants to the US.

At least 1/3 of Utah residents are now immune to COVID 19 according to sources. But some health officials are cautioning against lifting mask mandates and other health restrictions too quickly.

In the meantime the federal COVID bill has returned to the House where the House has to approve changes to the bill that were made by the Senate and the President, who unlike the Vice President, met ALL of the Constitutional requirements to hold that office. Once that happens, President Biden said the checks will be in the mail by the end of this month. No Republicans voted for the bill.

This is happening as a new trend, community mask burning bonfires are popping up across the US. In Idaho, supporters of freedom actually held a public bonfire where participants were encouraged to throw their masks into the bonfire to reclaim their freedom. Hopefully they kept spares with them. There are anti mask bonfires being reported in other parts of the country as well.

Republicans majority states are now saying they will defy any and all federally imposed COVID 19 mandates. The funny thing about the bonfire in Idaho is that Idaho no longer has a mask mandate and never had a statewide mask mandate. The state's legislature however has introduced legislation to ban even local mask mandates.

For those who want to dispense with COVID 19 restrictions, experts say you should travel by car if you are traveling out of state or to a far part of this state. They recommend campgrounds instead of heavily trafficked areas.

They also say that groups should have picnics outside at the park instead of meeting indoors at restaurants where even outdoor dining is likely to be heavily crowded.

Hugging people is ok as long as you are wearing the right kind of mask and you are outside when doing it and in a community where transmission rates are low, such as in the Whittier Area at present. Keep hugs to less than 10 seconds according to experts, in order to prevent from accidentally spreading SARS COV 2.

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For your information Sunrise has never been named " sunrise village" its original name was "sunrise estates" you should change that name. Although pellisear village was its name...I think they wanted to equate sunrise with that " village mentality"

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Interesting. We pull the data, in including some community names directly from LA County Public Healths website to feed into the algorithm. They have it as Sunrise Village. Are you saying that is incorrect?

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