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SARS COV 2 infections in the Whittier Area continue to increase sharply with no end in sight even as vaccines begin to roll out today to communities across the US.

However, local residents are also facing severe health effects of a nearly collapsed economy that has been destroyed by the inconsistent and often unconstitutional lockdowns and several major employers in the state have fired to their California employees and moved their businesses to other states where businesses are being allowed to stay open with extra precautions in place.

At the same time, since the US Supreme Court smacked down attempts to suspend the US Constitution by those who have expressed hostility to it and everything else made and created in America, state and local governments have actually been taking a hands off approach that pretty much relegates to them to saying, "Please sir, we need you to stay home and wear a mask." without actually being able to enforce lockdown orders. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state have announced that they will not enforce the orders which puts makes those law enforcement agencies that are enforcing them, if there are any, a tiny minority of California's law enforcement community. Because of the rulings, the government is able only to request not force compliance with its orders. And it appears that past lockdowns and the lack of evidence proving that churches and restaurants caused the current spike have resulted in a loss of credibility for both the government, public health agencies and even health care professionals. Instead, residents are being asked to voluntarily comply out of consideration for their neighbors.

Sources say that medical staff are beginning to show hints of fatigue and frustration as hospitals begin to be swamped by ever increasing numbers of COVID 19 patients. The mass increase in numbers and the refusal of the general public to take the current health threat seriously are having an impact on the mental health of many health care workers which itself is raising some concerns. Mental health problems are also beginning to appear in those who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic are now either on the verge of being evicted from their homes or who are struggling to scrap together resources needed to feed themselves and their families. It all makes for a regrettably combustible mix that should give everyone pause and a reason to step back a little bit and reassess the entire situation. Especially when you see that there is mounting frustration every where you turn that will not go away any time soon, regardless of who is in the government.

The top 5 new infections in the Whittier Area:

  1. Pico Rivera- 161 new infections

  2. City of Whittier- 148 new infections

  3. South Whittier- 82 new infections

  4. Hacienda Heights- 72 new infections

  5. La Habra- 69 new infections

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