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The Whittier Area's daily new SARS COV 2 infections dropped to more than half of what they were yesterday after a historic spike that was led by the City of Pico Rivera which had 232 new infections yesterday versus 144 today. On December 17th, the Whittier Area had 625 new SARS COV 2 infections. It also had 5 new COVID caused deaths which also peaked recently.

Unless the post Christmas surge that media pundits are talking about actually emerges, December 17th may go down in history as the highest COVID 19 peak for the Whittier Area. The peak sure woke up a lot of people. It had led to the cancelling of public rallies and talk of mandatory closing of businesses throughout the state that would enforced with fines and imprisonment.

Some may be tempted to look at today's good news and mistakenly believe we are out of the woods, however that would be a mistake because COVID 19 is accumulative on a weekly basis. And so far the Whittier Area are likely already over 3,000 new SARS COV 2 infections this week and the deaths are likely to be over 20. We will know the exact numbers by Sunday when the weekly analysis is run. The hospitals are still at zero percent ICU bed availability at this time. Orange County yesterday issued an emergency ordered literally banning its hospitals from redirecting ambulances to other medical facilities. The County of Los Angeles for its part is now deliberating on a new mandatory lockdown that close all businesses including grocery stores. A group of people claiming to represent all grocery workers, nurses, and others in the county are demanding a draconian 100% lockdown backed by fines and imprisonment which is unlikely to happen because the US Supreme Court has already ruled that it is beyond the power of any level of American government to fine or imprisonment people for keeping their shops open or for violating other COVID restrictions. That has left the county with no other power than to plead and cajole. Many of the people advocating for prison time for those who aren't wearing masks are from countries where the government absolute despotic power just like the Nazi's did in Germany during World War II.

For his part, sitting President Donald Trump who could be helping with the situation has been ignoring it to continue nursing his wounded pride which could do more damage to his reputation, historically, than any other thing that has ever happened in the last 4 years including his refusal to accept the election results. It has been reported, for fairness, that President Trump did want to insist the new bill before Congress include $2,000 checks for American households and money for small businesses but that it was withdrawn after Congressional Republicans told the White House the proposals would be dead on arrival because Republicans were opposed to giving any money to American citizens but wanted the money to be given to unaccountable corporations based outside the US instead. But how many of the Congressional Republicans taking that stand are actually Real Republicans though? Looks like there are still RINOS in the US Congress who are refusing to work with President Trump as they have for the last 4 years. For his part, California's governor has been no better than Trump has on the issue of the pandemic and is now subject to a recall election after enough signatures have been gathered against him. The state's failed handling of the virus is likely to have be a huge factor in the recall just as it has hurt other politicians across the US, including the sitting president. Not only did the President lose reelection but so did nearly all of his Democratic opponents in Congress and state houses across the country. Some voters cited COVID 19 as their primary reason for voting against both parties' incumbents. It was assumed that new faces in both the White House and Congress would lead to quicker resolution the pandemic and the saving of more lives.

The Daily New Infections by Community:

  1. Pico Rivera 144

  2. City of Whittier 109

  3. South Whittier 77

  4. La Habra 62

  5. West Whittier/Los Nietos 56

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