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Earlier in the day on Saturday December 12, 2020, the state of California reported that it had officially run out of ICU beds in Central California. The problem is particularly acute in the San Joaquin Valley. The ICU capacity for the county was officially at 100% with COVID 19 being shipped to other parts of the state that had beds available, according to a spokesperson. The spokesperson said that the majority of the COVID 19 victims in San Joaquin County were Latinos.

A spokesperson for the Adventist Health Lodi Memorial hospital in Lodi told The New York Post that the specific percentage of the region’s COVID 19 victims that were Latinos was 75%. Neither the regions Whites nor its Latinos are heeding the state’s stay at home orders which both groups have said was a grab for power. The San Joaquin Valley tends to be more conservative than more heavily populated areas of the state such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. The conservatives in the area were split between the two parties and voters in the San Joaquin County voted mostly for Biden while the other counties voted for Trump.

The County reported that the one month increase in hospitalizations had jumped 141 percent.

Locally the City of Pico Rivera is not waiting for vaccines to arrive. They are already preparing a site to distribute them once they arrive. LA County is being 83,000 batches of the vaccine which are being given to health care workers first before they are given to anyone else. It has already designated 83 hospitals to receive the first vaccines with the county’s other hospitals having to waiting for the county’s next shipment to arrive in February unless the White House speeds up the delivery but by that time, Biden will be president.

Former Democrat Speaker of the State Assembly, Willie Brown, has penned an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle saying that state and local officials when they demand lockdowns and go around shutting down businesses with almost no science to back their assertions that businesses were the primary cause of the surge in cases. The current closing of businesses has no basis in scientific facts and is based only coincidental correlation rather than any actual hard facts. As a result, the County and the State have been scapegoating local businesses into bankruptcy and families into poverty.

In the meantime, enemies of freedom are demanding that the Constitution be abolished or suspended in the name of saving people from dying of COVID 19 and that the Governor be given absolute dictatorial power. Many supporters of the idea falsely label anyone who opposes it as “racists”. The proposal will meet with large scale blow back from Americans and others in the county and state who cherish and love the Constitution. Publicly elected officials throughout the USA, take an oath of loyalty not to a person or group of people or to public health orders but to US Constitution as well as to the Constitution of the state they are serving in. The US Constitution is considered supreme throughout the land and is more sacred than even the Bible and Koran for most Americans who have been here for centuries. For them, any talk of suspending the Constitution or the Bill of Rights during the COVID 19 pandemic, or suggestions that life takes precedence over liberty, smacks of sacrilege and hostility toward not just the Constitution but toward the very people who are the ones responsible for the creation of both the US and the Constitution that governs it. Many recently arrived immigrant families who are supporting a stronger and more strictly enforced crackdown on freedom in the name of combatting COVID 19 but who claim to “love America” have called for the constitution to be suspended to the government can station soldiers outside people’s homes and arrest them for not wearing masks in public spaces. In some cases, they have argued for the government to seize children from families that are not in compliance with the lockdowns which would be a serious violation of the federal constitution. Many of those who support resorting to gestapo fascism come from countries that are known as shit holes because they are run by ruthless dictators who refuse to acknowledge even the fundamental human rights of their own people and often engage in genocide and ethnic cleansing. Others are actively working with foreign regimes and spies from those despotic regimes to under American Constitutionalism which is pretty much treasonous. There have even been op-eds in the mainstream media calling for the Constitution to be abolished. The highest loyalty of Real Americans, and everyone else who wants to be considered American, is to the US Constitution and to the US Constitution alone above everything and everyone else in this country and on this planet. COVID 19 must not be allowed as an excuse for treason and sedition against the Constitution nor against the United State which it is the sole governing document.

The top 5 infections for Saturday December 12 2020:

1. Pico Rivera- 113 new infections

2. City of Whittier- 93 new infections

3. South Whittier- 81 new infections

4. Hacienda Heights- 60 new infections

5. La Mirada- 57 new infections

There was a total of 5 deaths caused by COVID 19 in the Whittier Area. Two of those were in La Mirada. The City of Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, and Pico Rivera each had one death on Saturday.

The top 5 positivity ratios were:

1. La Habra Heights: 68.87%

2. Pellisier Village: 22.81%

3. Avocado Heights: 21.59%

4. Sunrise Village: 21.38%

5. Pico Rivera: 19.82%

For the other communities in the rest of the top 5 new infections ratings:

City of Whittier: 16.155

South Whittier: 19.24%

Hacienda Heights: 16.71%

La Mirada: 12.4%

The community penetration ratio of the SARS COV 2 for the top 5 communities on Saturday is:

1. Pico Rivera: 7.72% penetration

2. City of Whittier: 5.53%

3. South Whittier: 6.51%

4. Hacienda Heights: 3.86%

5. La Mirada: 3.54%

For West Whittier, the penetration ratio is 7.05%. For Santa Fe Springs it is 6.17%. For those live in La Habra, the viral penetration there is 4.18%. The higher the penetration week, the greater the likelihood of that community achieving naturally occurring herd immunity to the virus. The vaccines, as they become available, will speed up the process of herd immunity but most local residents will not have access to them until the end of 2021 according the proposed schedules being proposed by Democrat controlled agencies.

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