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Every weekend we will be presenting new weekly data to let you know whether the number of new infections, deaths, and positivity rate in your community has gone up or down in the previous 7 days.

There were a total of 220 new COVID 19 cases in the Whittier Area on Saturday November 21 2020. In what is either a sign of hope or an data aberration, the number of daily new cases in the City of Industry is not just going down but for some odd reason, the number of annual cases reported for that community from the county have been declining all week long. As you will see on the trend graph, the COVID 19 trend for City of Industry is actually downward while the rest of the Whittier Area is either going up or barely maintaining current levels of spread. Only time can tell us if this is a data artifact. Feel free to let us know what you think of it. Do you think it is an artifact? What's going on there?

Here are the communities with the top 5 daily cases for Saturday November 21, 2020:

  1. City of Whittier-42 new cases

  2. Pico Rivera- 38 new cases

  3. South Whittier- 36 new cases

  4. Avocado Heights - 27 new cases

  5. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 22 new cases

For the top 10 daily positivity ratios we do need to note that it is important to bear in mind that a small number of testers can actually make it appear that the positivity ratio in that community is higher than it might actually be. For example the top spot where La Habra Heights has a positive ratio of 70.10% is most likely due the small number of people in La Habra Heights who have volunteered to get tested which makes it appear their numbers are higher than they may actually be and if more people from that community were to test we might well see that percentage actually drop.

Top 10 Daily Positivity Ratios: (measures percentage of test takers who come up positive. Remember to check the data table to see how many people in your community have tested as this number affects the positivity rate.)

  1. La Habra Heights- 70.10% *May be an artifact of not enough from LHH taking the COVID 19 test. Numbers may decrease if more locals there take the test.

  2. Avocado Heights 19.85%

  3. Pellissier Village 17.25%

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos 16.27%

  5. Pico Rivera 16.03%

  6. South Whittier 15.3%

  7. Santa Fe Springs 13.76%

  8. Whittier Narrows 13.64%

  9. City of Whittier 12.94%

  10. North Whittier 12.58%

For the Whittier Area the positivity ratio averages 12%.

Top 10 Daily Death Ratios for people who have tested positive for COVID 19 by community (again this will be impacted if the number of people who are getting tested is too small):

  1. City of Industry 4.26%

  2. Rose Hills/Spyglass Region 3.41%

  3. North Whittier 3.28%

  4. La Habra 2.79%

  5. Pico Rivera 2.55%

  6. La Mirada 2.36%

  7. South Whittier 1.58%

  8. La Habra Heights 1.47%

  9. City of Whittier 1.38%

  10. West Whittier/Los Nietos 1.33%

For the Whittier Area overall the death ratio is currently averaging 1.87%

According to our weekly data report, the positivity rate actually increased in the following communities:

North Whittier

Rose Hills/Spyglass Region

Avocado Heights

La Habra

La Habra Heights

In the following communities there was weekly decline in the positivity ratio:

South Whittier

Sunrise Village

City of Industry

Whittier Areas

Every where else in the Whittier Area there was no change to the positivity ratio.

The same weekly report shows there were 4 deaths in Pico Rivera this week from COVID 19. In the whole Whittier Area, there were actually 9 COVID 19 caused deaths this past week.

It also tells us there were 1,274 new COVID 19 cases in the Whittier Area this week which is enough to put the entire Whittier Area and all communities within it the Red COVID 19 Alert zone which we will be doing starting tomorrow.

We are working on a way to figure out weekly death ratios to see if they are any different from the daily ratios.

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