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Whittier City Council Candidate Andrew Roble Withdraws, Paving the Way for a Three-Way Race

Rebecca Canales


In a significant development for the Whittier City Council District 1 election, candidate Andrew Roble has formally withdrawn from the race, narrowing the field from four candidates to three. The remaining contenders are Maggie Moe, Mary Pacheco, and the incumbent Council member Jessica Martinez.

Roble, in an announcement on his official Facebook page, revealed that he took the holiday season as an opportunity for reflection on his candidacy. Ultimately, he concluded that stepping aside in the current cycle was the best decision for himself, his family, and the city of Whittier.

In a heartfelt message to friends, family, and neighbors, Roble stated, "I believe this is the best choice for myself, my family, and our city. I will always be active in our community and in the fight for a better Whittier; but at this time, I will be doing so as a passionate resident and activist."

Despite withdrawing from the race, Roble urged the community to stay engaged and participate in the electoral process. Encouraging fellow residents to vote for change on April 9th, 2024, he emphasized the importance of better representation for the city.

With this development, the Whittier City Council election enters a new phase, with voters now considering three candidates who will vie for the opportunity to serve and represent District 1. The candidates remaining in the race are expected to intensify their efforts as the election day approaches, each aiming to secure the support and votes of the Whittier community.

The withdrawal of Andrew Roble adds an unexpected twist to the electoral landscape, and as Whittier prepares for the upcoming election, residents eagerly await the campaigns and platforms of the remaining contenders in this three-way race. Stay tuned for further updates on the Whittier City Council District 1 election as the candidates continue their journey toward April 9th.

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