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Whittier City Council Election Finances: District 3 Candidate Monica Sena Is 2024s Clean Candidate

In our ongoing series investigating the campaign finances of Whittier City Council candidates for the April 9, 2024, election, we turn our attention to District 3. Here, incumbent Cathy Warner is facing a challenge from Monica Sena. Our analysis reveals intriguing insights into the funding sources for both candidates.

Monica Sena's campaign has garnered attention for its adherence to the Clean Candidate program. Impressively, all of Sena's contributions originate from within the City of Whittier and specifically from within her district. This commitment to local support has earned her the distinguished title of Clean Candidate. It's worth noting that our evaluation of Sena's candidacy is solely based on campaign finance information and does not incorporate extraneous political ideologies or public statements.

However, our investigation into incumbent Cathy Warner's campaign finances presents a different picture. Despite our efforts, we must rate our assessment as inconclusive due to significant issues with the legibility of her campaign finance reports, particularly the latest submission. Nonetheless, we managed to glean some pertinent details. Warner's campaign has amassed a total of $32,641 in contributions, with approximately 16% ($5,220) originating from sources outside the City of Whittier.

Notably, Warner's campaign received $1,000 from the California Real Estate PAC, identified by FCC number 890106. Additionally, a $500 contribution came from a couple residing in Fullerton. However, upon further investigation, we discovered that this couple actually owns Rasmussen Ironworks, a prominent Whittier-based business with historical significance to the city's economy.

Further scrutiny revealed contributions from outside Whittier, including a $790 donation from an individual based in Florida. Additionally, Warner received $1,000 from Grace Hu of Cerritos, mirroring a contribution made to another candidate, Vinatieri. We also identified a $902 contribution from a corporation based in Los Angeles, although the illegibility of its name hindered our ability to discern further details.

Finally, attention was drawn to a $2,500 contribution from MAP Property Management. While MAP maintains offices in Whittier, the substantial size of this contribution prompted a closer examination. However, it's essential to clarify that contributions from local businesses and individuals are flagged for investigation only if they exceed $1,000, and MAP's contribution falls within acceptable parameters.

As our investigation continues, we remain committed to providing transparent and comprehensive coverage of the Whittier City Council election campaign finances, ensuring accountability and transparency in the electoral process. Stay tuned for our forthcoming reports as we delve deeper into the financial landscape of Whittier's political arena.

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