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Whittier City Council Election Survey 2024: Insights into Voter Preferences and Incumbent Ratings

Whittier, CA - The recent 2024 Whittier City Council Election Survey has brought to light the electorate's perspectives on mayoral and council candidates, as well as their satisfaction with current incumbents. Conducted using SurveyMonkey on a mobile platform and disseminated across various social media sites, along with targeted door-to-door outreach in Whittier's diverse council districts, the survey aimed for a broad and representative sampling of the city's voters. The margin of error for the 620 person poll is 3.96% and the confidence level is 95%.

Joe Viniatieri’s Mayoral Performance

Mayor Joe Viniatieri's tenure over the past 12 months received a mix of responses, with 29.41% of participants rating his performance as excellent (10), showing a significant portion of the electorate is pleased with his leadership. However, 5.88% viewed his term as a failure (1), indicating some dissatisfaction exists.

When asked about their preferred mayoral candidate for 2024, a substantial 80% of respondents indicated their intention to vote for Joe Viniatieri, highlighting strong support for the incumbent mayor over challenger Rolando Cano, who garnered 20% of the intended votes.

District 3: Cathy Warner’s Performance and Voter Intentions

In Council District 3, incumbent Cathy Warner received varied ratings, with 35% rating her performance as good (8) and 17% as excellent (10). However, a significant 33% felt her performance was poor (3).

67% of District 3 voters expressed their intention to re-elect Cathy Warner, contrasting with 17% supporting Monica Sena. 16% of respondents reported an intention not to vote, citing a lack of satisfactory choices.

District 1: Low Participation and Controversy Surrounding Jessica Martinez

District 1 displayed the lowest participation rate, aligning with historical voter turnout trends. Jessica Martinez, the District 1 council member, has been a figure of controversy but retains substantial support, with 64% of District 1's poll participants favoring her re-election over challengers Maggie Barragnon Moe (18%) and Mary Ann Pacheco (17%).

Martinez's critics have accused her of various misdemeanors related to her political actions and views, but evidence and legal outcomes (one Councilmember was forced to resign after promoting the debunked accusations) have often contradicted these accusations, spotlighting the tense and sometimes misleading political atmosphere in Whittier. Extremist political protests at Martinez home and death threats that targeted her and the under age children in the home led to a criminal investigation.

Survey Methodology and Reliability

The survey methodology was meticulously designed to ensure a representative cross-section of Whittier's electorate, employing AI for random address selection and careful dissemination across digital and physical platforms. The survey achieved a confidence level of 95% and margin of error of 3.96% that lend credibility to its findings.


The 2024 Whittier City Council Election Survey reveals a community engaged and opinionated about its leaders. With Joe Viniatieri and Cathy Warner enjoying substantial support, the focus now turns to how candidates will address the concerns and aspirations of Whittier's voters in the lead-up to the 2024 elections. The controversy surrounding Jessica Martinez underscores the importance of evidence-based discourse in political campaigns, highlighting the need for transparency and accuracy in public statements and accusations.

As the election approaches, Whittier 360 News Network remains committed to providing in-depth coverage and analysis, ensuring the community stays informed and prepared to make their voices heard at the polls.

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