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Whittier City Council Unanimously Approves Funding for Online Utility Payment Portal

By Rebecca Canales,

Founder and CEO

Whittier 360 News Network

In a significant development for Whittier residents, the Whittier City Council voted unanimously to approve the Whittier Utility Authority's (WUA) Resolution No. WUA-2023-05. The resolution was approved on September 12, 2023, and it aims to amend the 2023-24 fiscal year budget to cover increased payment processing fees arising from the new online utility bill payment portal.

A United Front

The unanimous vote by the City Council indicates a cohesive understanding of the need for modern, digital solutions to streamline utility payments for local residents. This joint effort symbolizes a commitment to efficiency and consumer convenience, traits highly valued in any progressive community.

Nuts and Bolts of the Resolution

Resolution No. WUA-2023-05 addresses the Whittier Utility Authority's responsibility for billing water customers. It outlines plans for paperless billing, online payment, and enabling customers to view their account information online. The resolution also specifies that an additional $6,410 will be allocated for credit card processing fees related to these online payments, to be funded from existing monies in the Water Fund.

Positive Financial Outlook

While there was an initial concern about increased operating costs, the resolution clarified that there are sufficient funds in the existing Water Fund to cover the additional payment processing fees. This alleviates any need for raising taxes or fees for Whittier citizens, ensuring that the transition to the online portal will be as smooth as possible.

What's Next?

With the unanimous approval from the City Council, the next steps include the formalization and implementation of the new budget adjustments. Once implemented, Whittier residents can look forward to a more streamlined, convenient utility payment experience.


The unanimous approval of Resolution No. WUA-2023-05 by the Whittier City Council marks a pivotal moment for the community. The council's vote paves the way for improved service delivery, making utility payments easier and more convenient for all. This development is not just a win for the Whittier Utility Authority, but for every resident who will benefit from this modernization.

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