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Whittier City Council Unanimously Approves Ordinance for 2024 Election Amidst Intense Competition

Whittier, CA – In a notable city council meeting held on December 12, 2023, the Whittier City Council unanimously passed a comprehensive ordinance laying the groundwork for the 2024 General Municipal Election. This decision comes amidst rising political competition, with six challengers vying for positions against the current incumbents.


Key Aspects of the Approved Ordinance:

Hybrid Election Model: In a significant move, the ordinance combines vote-by-mail with in-person voting at four well-equipped and secure locations. This model aims to cater to the diverse preferences of Whittier’s electorate.

Voter Trends Acknowledged: Acknowledging past election trends, the council noted a high preference for mail voting among the electorate, with a smaller yet significant number opting for in-person voting on Election Day.

Stability in Precinct Boundaries: To ensure consistency and ease for voters, the ordinance suggests maintaining the existing precinct boundaries for the upcoming election.

Nomination Period Details: The ordinance sets a clear schedule for the filing of nomination papers, including provisions for extensions under specific conditions, offering clarity for potential candidates.

Cost-Saving Strategies: In a fiscally prudent move, the ordinance includes provisions to cancel parts of the election in uncontested positions, potentially leading to significant savings for the city.


Voting Rights Act Compliance: Ensuring inclusivity, the ordinance mandates the translation of election materials into Spanish, alongside robust voter education and outreach programs, adhering to both Federal and State laws.

Challenger Engagement and Incumbent Defense:

Among the six challengers, Maggie Moe distinguished herself by actively participating in the meeting, speaking during both the public comments and the Greenleaf Promenade hearing. Her engagement marks a notable contrast to the incumbents, including Councilmember Warner from District 3 and Mayor Vinatieri, both of whom will be defending their seats. The absence of Councilmember Jessica Martinez, another incumbent, was also noteworthy.


Election Preparations in Full Swing:

The adoption of this ordinance indicates the council’s commitment to a transparent, accessible, and efficient election process. The hybrid voting model, in particular, reflects a thoughtful approach to accommodating various voter preferences, ensuring everyone’s voice can be heard.


Looking Forward:

With the nomination period approaching and the election campaign set to intensify, Whittier residents are gearing up for what promises to be a closely watched and potentially transformative election. The detailed planning and inclusive voting options underline the city's dedication to a democratic process that is both fair and reflective of its community’s needs.


Stay updated on the latest from the Whittier City Council and the 2024 elections by following Whittier 360 News Network.

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