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Whittier City Council Unanimously Approves Upgrades to Penn Park

Rebecca Canales Founder and CEO Whittier 360 News Network

Whittier, CA - In a momentous decision that promises to benefit the community for years to come, the Whittier City Council unanimously voted to approve the landscape architectural design services for upgrades to Penn Park. The council’s decision was made during a meeting held last night, marking a significant milestone in the city's ongoing efforts to improve its public spaces and recreational facilities.

Unwavering Support for a Worthy Cause

The council’s unanimous vote comes at a time when community spaces have been in focus as essential aspects of neighborhood well-being. The choice to invest in Penn Park’s upgrade indicates the council's and the community's commitment to fostering public spaces that promote health, interaction, and outdoor activity. Council members spoke passionately about the park’s role as a community hub, showcasing their eagerness to usher in the improvements as soon as possible.

A Comprehensive Plan

David Volz Design (DVD) came forward with an elaborate proposal that caters to the multiple needs of the Whittier community. The proposal includes preparation of landscape architectural construction documents, promising a complete overhaul of the existing play area. Furthermore, DVD will work with base files acquired from Miracle Recreation, an established name in quality playground structures, to offer a top-of-the-line experience for park-goers.

In addition to the play structures, DVD is set to propose three distinct thematic designs for the play area, encompassing both the play structures and the rubberized surface. The selected theme will eventually dictate the final aesthetic and functional aspects of the park. These themes aim to create an immersive environment that will engage children and adults alike, providing a unique recreational experience.

Community Involvement and Transparency

The council emphasized that residents will have a say in the final design of the playground. Community forums are expected to be scheduled, inviting local families to cast their votes on the preferred theme for the new park. This move underscores the council’s commitment to a collective decision-making process that ensures the park resonates with the community it serves.

Regular updates are planned to keep the community informed of the project’s progress. Council members have pledged to maintain transparency through each phase, providing timely reports that detail the developments and next steps in the project's life cycle. This ensures that the community remains engaged and has a full understanding of what to expect.

What’s Next?

The team at David Volz Design aims to commence work immediately, with an ambitious timeline that targets completion within 10 weeks. Council members expressed their enthusiasm about the swift timeline, which could mean that Whittier families enjoy a rejuvenated Penn Park by the holiday season.

Although the initial scope of the project doesn’t include ADA path of travel from the parking lot and street, this essential feature has not been overlooked. During the meeting, the possibility of extending the project to include ADA compliance in the future was discussed, recognizing the importance of making the park accessible to all residents.

A Milestone for Whittier

This unanimous decision by the Whittier City Council represents a significant moment for the entire community. From young families to seniors, residents across the board stand to benefit from a recreational space that is modern, safe, and engaging.

Residents eagerly anticipate the completion of the new play area, holding high hopes for what promises to be a transformative upgrade. The park's renovation is a clear statement of the community’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, a cause around which everyone can rally.

Image is a screenshot of VR/360 photo of Penn Park by Rebecca Canales. Image dates to 2017 and is the first 360 format image to be taken of Penn Park in Whittier.

For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned to Whittier 360 News Network.

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