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Whittier College under scrutiny as Whittier 360 investigation reveals concerns and lack of cooperati

Whittier College, located in California, has been under scrutiny by the Whittier 360 News Network for various concerns, including declining enrollment, poor financial outlook, hundreds of firings and resignations, and the hiring of the college president's own son to head one of the departments. In addition, the college has been criticized for the rumored and now confirmed sale of the historic president's house to a group that plans to tear it down and replace it with a modern structure.

Whittier 360 News Network began investigating the matter in December, and despite reaching out to the City of Whittier and its manager, Brian Saeki, there has been no response. The Whittier 360 News Network has received evidence of the intent to sell the historic president's house and has reached out to the City of Whittier to ask for its position on the matter and whether the city will do anything to save the historic building. However, there has been no response from either Whittier College or the City of Whittier.

Multiple other outlets have reported on serious issues at the college, and a group of alumni has raised more than $5 million dollars contingent on the resignation of the college president, Linda Oubre. Oubre's own supporters have only raised $1 million dollars for the college. Despite this, Oubre's team and staff have closed their doors, failed to answer questions, and threatened bankrupting lawsuits against all of Oubre's critics, a tactic known as SLAPP.

Whittier 360 News Network wants to give Oubre a chance to speak directly to the Whittier Community to let the voters and council know what is going on at the college. As the college has received substantial amounts of taxpayer money in the past, the Whittier public is a stakeholder in the college and anything that happens at the college.

Whittier 360 News Network plans to release all email communications between itself, the college, and the City of Whittier regarding this matter to make the community aware that the issue of the Wardman House was brought to the city's attention as early as mid-December 2022. The network is also extending another request for a livestreamed interview with Oubre to address these important issues.

It is vital to note that the Whittier 360 News Network is a neutral third party and its only goal is to find and report the truth. The network is not taking sides nor supporting calls for resignations or changes at Whittier College.

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