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Whittier Community Voices Opinions on Greenleaf Promenade Project and Ficus Trees: A Survey Insight

Whittier, CA – A recent survey conducted by Whittier 360 News Network has shed light on the community’s views regarding the contentious Greenleaf Promenade Project and the proposed removal of Ficus trees, revealing a complex tapestry of support, concern, and desire for compromise among residents.

The survey, designed on SurveyMonkey and disseminated through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, alongside targeted door-to-door outreach by volunteers to randomly selected addresses, aimed to capture a broad and representative sample of Whittier’s electorate. Leveraging AI for random address selection and analysis, the survey reached 620 participants, achieving a margin of error of ±3.96% at a 95% confidence level.

Survey Questions and Responses:

1. City Council's Handling of the Greenleaf Promenade Project:

Respondents rated the handling with varied opinions, where 37.5% expressed satisfaction (scores 8-10) and another 37.5% showed dissatisfaction (scores 1-5). 18.75% viewed the handling as satisfactory.

2. City Council's Handling of the Ficus Trees Issue:

The council received higher marks for its handling of the Ficus trees, with 43.75% rating their approach as excellent (scores 9-10), although 31.25% rated it poorly (scores 1-5).

3. Support for the Greenleaf Promenade Project:

A significant majority, 81.25%, support the project, indicating strong community backing despite concerns over tree removal.

4. Changing the Project for Ficus Trees Preservation:

A quarter of respondents advocate for project modifications to preserve the trees, while 56.25% prefer proceeding without changes. 18.75% seek a compromise. However many of those who wanted a compromise and even a majority of those who said they didn't want the project altered to accommodate the Ficus trees said they preferred the trees to be replaced in stages rather than all at once according to the comments we received.


The survey’s methodology, combining online tools with ground-level engagement, was chosen to ensure a comprehensive understanding of community sentiments. The AI-enhanced analysis provided a nuanced breakdown of responses, ensuring the findings accurately reflect Whittier’s diverse opinions.


The results highlight a community largely in favor of the Greenleaf Promenade Project but divided on the issue of Ficus tree removal. While there is substantial support for the project as a whole, there is also a clear call for the City Council to consider environmental and aesthetic concerns more closely.

The desire for compromise regarding the Ficus trees suggests that residents are looking for balanced solutions that both advance urban development and preserve the city's green heritage. This feedback presents an opportunity for city officials to engage more deeply with the community, exploring paths that address development goals while respecting environmental and historical values.


As Whittier moves forward with the Greenleaf Promenade Project, the survey underscores the importance of transparency, dialogue, and inclusivity in city planning processes. With a significant portion of the community expressing a desire for compromise, the findings offer a roadmap for reconciling development aspirations with conservation priorities.

The Whittier 360 News Network remains committed to providing the community with timely, accurate insights into local issues, fostering an informed and engaged public discourse.

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