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The highest number of new daily cases in the Whittier Area was only 30. Just outside the Whittier Area, Downey had 82 new cases yesterday.

Cases are a climbing trend but that trend is much shallower in Whittier than in the rest of the county where the increases form a rather steep cliff. There were zero deaths the Whittier Area versus 2 in the County. According to the county data, while more people are getting the virus, most people are not yet dying from it during this third wave of the pandemic.

Whittier's lower numbers on both new cases, hospitalizations and less deaths is due entirely to the residents of Whittier choosing to voluntarily exercise their constitutional rights responsibility without the government holding a gun to their heads. It's amazing what can happen when you let people keep and exercise the freedom to make their own decisions on these things. Part of the success of the Whittier Area communities might have something to do with the fact we don't send people around threatening people with imprisonment or fines. We are letting the people make up their own minds and make their own decisions on this matter and it turns out that the vast majority are making the right choices. They just needed the freedom to do so.

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