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After declining for 4 days straight, the daily new infection numbers have jumped back upward in the Whittier Area, accompanied by a small spike in the death numbers.

There were 11 deaths in the Whittier Area on December 23 2020. Four of those deaths were in the City of Pico Rivera, making up 36% of all Whittier Area COVID deaths followed by 2 deaths in the Rose Hills/Spyglass Hill region which makes up 18% of the COVID deaths for Wednesday. The rest of the COVID deaths were split evenly between the City of Whittier, South Whittier, Hacienda Heights, Avocado Heights, and Pellisier Village. Pellisier Village saw its first COVID death on Wednesday. Up to now, no one in that community had ever died from the disease.

There were also 930 new infections of the SARS COV 2 virus that causes COVID19.

The top 5 new infection numbers for Wednesday December 23, 2020.

  1. Pico Rivera 183 new cases with a positivity ratio of 23.03%

  2. City of Whittier 180 new cases with a positivity ratio of 18.95%

  3. South Whittier 138 new cases with a positivity ratio of 22.02%

  4. La Habra 94 new cases with a positivity ratio of 11.46%* (may be skewed due to lack of community based testing data in Orange county)

  5. Hacienda Heights 81 new cases with a positivity ratio of 16.39%

The positivity ratio measure the likelihood of any person in that community coming up positive for COVID 19. In the City of Whitter it means that if you take a test for COVID 19, there is a nearly 19% likelihood you will test positive for the virus that causes it. The positivity ratios have been increasing substantially in all Whittier Area Communities. La Habra's positivity ratio should be higher than the data indicates but the data is skewed because Orange County and other places don't break down their testing numbers by community.

Whittier Area Hospitals remain swamped by COVID 19 patients with many staff members getting very little time off, not even Christmas, because of so many people filling the ICUs and emergency rooms with COVID 19. And there are also other essential workers who are required to work on Christmas Day, to ensure that private businesses' COVID rules are still being enforced even on holidays. Readers should make sure they remember that this year.

The infection rate per population of the City of Whittier went from 3% in early October to 7% today, more than doubling. The infection rate per population is the percentage of the entire community's population that has been infected with COVID 19. Currently, 7.23% of the population of the City of Whittier have been infected with COVID 19 and the number continues to climb upward.

Remember if you leave your house to go a public place like the store, all businesses in Whittier require a mask and the most important part of the face you need to cover to avoid getting or spreading the virus, is the nose. So if you see someone walking around with their noses uncovered, let them know that is the primary place the virus spreads from and to and by covering that, they are helping to eliminate most of the spread. Too bad there are not shields just for the nose area. As much as 80% of the current COVID spike was caused by too many people not covering their noses when in proximity with others.

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