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Wide Support for Term Limits in Whittier Election Reform Townhall

Last night, citizens of Whittier gathered at Liberty Plaza on Telegraph Rd. for an election reform town hall to discuss the possibility of enacting term limits for Whittier council members. Polling done by Whittier 360 News Network during last year's Whittier council elections revealed that term limits enjoys wide support in the city, across ideological lines.

At the town hall, citizens made the case for term limits. Supporters argued that placing limits on the length of time a council member can serve in office would create more opportunities for new voices to be heard, and would also allow for more diversity in the representation of the city's interests.

Council members and the mayor have so far opposed term limits as have their strongest supporters. Despite the opposition, the town hall showed that there is wide support for term limits in Whittier. Whether or not the city ultimately decides to enact term limits for its council members remains to be seen.

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