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The daily spread rate for COVID 19 in the Whittier Area has dropped precipitously to the point that in most communities of the Whittier Area, no new cases were reported today and the only deaths in both the Whittier Area and communities bordering the Whittier Area was in South Whitter where it was reported that 2 people died of COVID 19.

The City of Whittier gained only 3 new cases versus the massive numbers it had previously been getting.

South Whittier and La Habra had the two highest number of new cases today. La Habra led with a paltry 11 while South Whittier had a 9 new cases. The cities of Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs and Whittier tied for 3rd place with only 3 new cases each. Of the 5, only South Whittier had any COVID 19 related deaths today.

The first two columns in the charts are now called the annual COVID 19 numbers rather than how they were labeled previously because that label was misleading and caused many people to think that 2,000 people a day were getting COVID 19. Labeling as the annual rate makes it clear it is only a cumulative total, not the number of actual new cases. The differential column has been renamed the Daily New cases column and will be highlighted starting tomorrow.

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