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Long time American polling firm Gallup has released the results of a new poll today showing that most American voters are saying they are better off today than they were at this point under the Obama and Bush administrations.

According to Gallup, the numbers for Trump are even higher than they were for Reagan during this same time during the mid 80's. Traditionally, whether people feel better tends to be the best indicator of whether a president is reelected in the US.

56% of American voters who responded to the poll said they were better off under Trump than they were 4 years ago.

At this point in the Obama administration 45% of American voters said they were better off than they were prior to Obama's first term while 47% said the same about George W. Bush. During the 1984 eletion, 44% of Americans said they were better off than they were prior to Reagan's election in 1980.

Fifty percent of US voters agree with most Trump administration policies on major policy issues. Newsweek reports Trump is ahead of Biden by three points on those issues.

The same voters, however, said that Biden had presidential qualities that Trump lacked. The new findings are not being reflected in the polls conducted by foreign owned mainstream media outlets however which are claiming that 90% of American are supporting Biden. Such polls have been ignoring the huge rift in the country.

This year's mainstream polling has included non citizens and other non Americans who are not qualified to vote in US elections. Trump is very unpopular outside the US for the most part and it is that internationalist component that is influencing polling numbers.

Newsweek has more information about the new poll which is just one of several factors indicating Trump is going to be reelected on November 3.

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