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The Whittier Area may be about to enter the 4th wave already as new data shows new COVID 19 surges in the communities that directly border the Whittier Area this weekend.

The number of new cases in Downey jumped to 42 yesterday. In Norwalk it jumped to 21 and in La Puente it went up to 20 new cases.

In addition there were new deaths. There one death in Norwalk and one death in La Puente.

In the Whittier Area, data indicates the numbers have begun to climb back upward. The Whittier Area also witnessed its first COVID 19 deaths in about a week. The top 3 communities with the highest numbers of new COVID 19 cases were:

  1. City of Whittier: 16 new cases and 0 deaths

  2. Pico Rivera: 12 new cases and 1 death

  3. South Whittier: 10 new cases and 0 deaths

As you can see from these numbers, the infection rates appear to have already begun to move upward again as people let their guard down. By now we are sure everyone already knows what they need to be doing but are just looking for any excuse to not do what is necessary.

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