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There were two COVID 19 deaths in the City of Whittier today. They were the only deaths in the Whittier Area. While the city only saw 5 new cases today, which would have otherwise moved it out of the red zone, the city was kept in the red by the two deaths. The other two communities in the red zone at this time are Pico Rivera and South Whittier. The Red zone is the highest alert level meaning that communities is a ground zero for the spread of serious COVID 19 cases.

The communities with today's top 5 new cases rates:

  1. La Habra - 11 new cases

  2. South Whittier and Pico Rivera- 7 new cases each

  3. City of Whittier and West Whittier/Los Nietos- 5 new cases each

In the charts below the communities are now color coded:

Green means that so far they are expected to be safe on Halloween night. (Just remember to wear masks and gloves)

Yellow means a little caution is prudent. (Face masks and gloves are especially recommended)

Orange means there is a COVID danger in that community (Carry hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes with you in addition to wearing face masks and gloves, in order to wipe down all surfaces. Exercise strong discretion at which homes you choose to stop at if you are doing trick or treating.)

Red means it is highly recommended that all social activities be avoided in that area. Parties are not safe in those areas. (Strongly advise you to not participate in anything in red communities. But if you do, please follow recommendations for Orange alert system, and be extremely selective of which homes you go to if you are doing any trick or treating. Make sure you sanitize all candy under both red and orange codes. And maintain at least 10 feet of distance between yourself and all other groups on Halloween night. Interaction against personal or direct interaction between those giving candy and those receiving is strongly advised against. Try to map out safe home ahead of time for those who are trick and treating.)

We highly recommend working with your neighbors to develop strategies to safely participate in Halloween in communities marked yellow, orange, or red that are consistent with the safety levels those colors represent. Be sure to consult with local public health professionals to help you develop a plan for yourself and your families.

The question is now whether or not community will move to lower safety color in time for Halloween. The goal at the moment is to get all communities out of the red and orange zones in time for Halloween night.

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