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Whittier 360 News Network Unveils Poll Results on Metro Goldline Extension

Whittier, CA – The Whittier 360 News Network recently concluded an in-depth poll regarding the community's views on the Metro Goldline Extension to Whittier, revealing a spectrum of opinions on this pivotal local development project. There were 620 participants and the poll had a margin of error of ±3.96% at a 95% confidence level

Poll Findings:

Community's Stance on City Council's Handling:

- The poll indicated mixed feelings towards the Whittier City Council's management of the Goldline Extension project:

- 18.75% of respondents marked the council's handling as failing (1 out of 10).

- 25% rated it as poor (3 out of 10).

- 18.75% felt it was satisfactory (5 out of 10), while 31% considered it good (7 out of 10).

Support for the Goldline Extension:

- When asked about their current support or opposition to the Goldline Extension as planned:

- 37.6% expressed support.

- 62.5% opposed the project.

Engagement in Goldline Discussions:

- Among those living in Whittier prior to 2010:

- 18.75% participated in study sessions, polls, or town halls regarding the Goldline.

- 56.25% did not engage, and 25% were not residents of Whittier during that period.

Change of Opinion Since 2010:

- 12% of long-term residents have changed their minds about the Goldline proposal since 2010, while 62.5% have not.

Community Voices:

Maggie Moe, a candidate for Whittier City Council, highlighted concerns over transparency and potential social implications of the Goldline, emphasizing the need for a police presence to support the project. Moe, known for her candid approach, expressed concerns about the project's transparency and its potential social implications. "The community is upset at the lack of trans : "The community is upset at the lack of transparency. The Goldline has strings attached to it."

Moe also raised concerns about the project's localized impact, "The problem is that the Goldline will stay in District 1. We all know what happens at the end of the line. We will have more unhoused people visiting Whittier. There is crime on the Goldline. I will not support the Goldline unless there is a police presence on the Goldline."

David Knittle, an opponent of the Goldline, criticized the lack of community consultation and questioned the motives behind the project, pointing to the absence of surveys asking residents for their opinion on the Goldline.

Mr. Knittle, who has extensively researched the project, criticized the approach taken by local officials and the lack of direct community consultation. "No survey was done by the City nor METRO to Whittier asking whether residents are for or against the Goldline coming to Whittier," Knittle discovered. He accuses local leadership of ignoring resident input. Knittle's investigation into public records and city communications revealed a perceived disconnect between city actions and community preferences, "The only route for that [extension to Orange County] to happen would be through Whittier. Yet, no direct survey was conducted to gauge resident support."

City Manager Response:

In response to these concerns, the Whittier City Manager provided evidence of the project's early townhalls and study sessions, dating back to 2009, challenging claims that the project was only recently proposed.

Support from Local Residents:

The Washington Boulevard Light Rail Transit Coalition advocates for the Eastside Transit Corridor Project, emphasizing the benefits of improved transportation options, reduced traffic, and enhanced economic opportunities for the region.


The poll results from Whittier 360 News Network paint a complex picture of the community's views on the Goldline Extension, showcasing a mix of skepticism, concern, and optimism. As Whittier navigates the discussions surrounding this significant infrastructure project, the voices of all stakeholders will be crucial in shaping its path forward.

Whittier 360 News Network remains committed to providing accurate, comprehensive coverage of local issues, ensuring our community stays informed and engaged.

Behind The Scenes:

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Very informative.


A poll of hundreds is a substantial undertaking. It has the potential to inform community members and decision-makers alike. However, your results are undermined by the lack of transparency. At minimum, you should highlight a link to a thorough reporting of your methods and analysis.

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