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The number of new COVID 19 cases remained very low throughout the Whittier Area yesterday as people have begun the process of adapting to the virus rather than hiding from it. Many experts are saying more people are becoming resistant to it but that many others, from the previous generations and those who never took care of their bodies in the past, are still very vulnerable.

In the City of Whittier there was only 2 new cases today. The highest number of new cases was in South Whittier was 10 which was an outlier compared to the rest of the area. That number could have been worse.

Pico Rivera had 7 new cases.

Hacienda Heights had 4 new cases and one death. That death was the only death from COVID 19 yesterday for the entire Whittier Area.

Half the Whittier Area had zero new COVID 19 cases and almost all had zero deaths related to COVID 19.

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